TAM Dalston

Dalston, located in East London, has recently been named the 13th coolest neighbourhood in the world by Time Out. This prestigious ranking was achieved by focusing on community, grassroots initiatives and eco-ethical matters. It's no surprise that the creatives tinkers at TAM has chosen to open its doors here.

Despite being a more grown-up version of its former self, Dalston still exudes a youthful energy that is felt through its many brilliant pubs, restaurants and music venues. It's a place where it's still possible to have a full-on night out, and it's no wonder it regularly appears in our weekly nightlife round-up.

However, what really sets Dalston apart is its conscience. It's a neighbourhood that has embraced veganism and sustainability, with an abundance of vegan cafes and second-hand shops. It also boasts the highest number of streets covered by Low Traffic Neighbourhoods in London. In 2021, it demonstrated its progressive spirit by becoming the epicentre of the takeaway pint and pedestrianising many of its streets.

While the perfect neighbourhood may not exist, Dalston comes pretty close. It's undoubtedly more special than other neighbourhoods that made the list, such as Ancoats in Manchester, which only managed to limp in at number 20. The Temple of Art and Music has made an excellent choice in selecting Dalston as its home, and we can't wait to see what kind of magic  will happen when our tammers and musicians journey to this fantastic neighbourhood.