Dana Gillespie & Joachim Palden Trio plays at Innsbruck Piano

Tuesday 4th & Wednesday 5th April 2023

Blues, R'n'B, Boogie Woogie at Piano Innsbruck

In the warm, inviting atmosphere of the famous Innsbruck Piano Bar nestled in the heart of Innsbruck, Austria, Dana Gillespie & The Joachim Palden Trio enraptured a captivated audience on the evening of Tuesday, April 4th, 2023. Together, they created a vibrant blend of boogie-woogie and blues that exuded sophistication, timelessness, and soulful depth, leaving a lasting impression on all in attendance.

Dana Gillespie, with her velvety and sultry voice, took center stage and commanded the room with her every note. Her powerful presence and vocal prowess brought a nostalgic air reminiscent of the golden age of boogie-woogie and blues. Gillespie's playful, mischievous interpretation of Julia Lee and her Boyfriends' classic tune, "My Man Stands Out," showcased her ability to channel the spirit of the original while making it distinctively her own.

The Joachim Palden Trio, renowned for their seamless interplay and impeccable musicianship, provided the perfect backdrop for Gillespie's enchanting performance. Joachim Palden himself masterfully played the Steinway Boston, making those venerable keys dance with the fervor of an impassioned boogie-woogie. His fingers gracefully danced across the ivories, mesmerizing the audience with hypnotic rhythm and blues that cascaded from the cherished instrument.

Palden's legendary "left hand of God" seemed to possess a supernatural ability to channel the essence of the blues, weaving pulsating bass lines that served as the heartbeat of the performance. The synergy between his powerful left hand and the swift, melodious dance of his right created an experience that transcended music and entered into the realm of pure emotion.

Guest appearances by the exceptional Martin Winning on saxophone and the fiery Sabine Pyrker on drums elevated the performance even further. Winning's captivating solos and virtuosic technique sent shivers down the spines of those fortunate enough to witness his mastery. Pyrker's rhythmic finesse and unrelenting passion for her craft brought a distinct sense of dynamism to the group, as she effortlessly navigated syncopated grooves and pulsating beats that kept the audience entranced.

Together, Dana Gillespie & The Joachim Palden Trio painted an enchanting soundscape that seamlessly blended the boundaries between classic boogie-woogie, blues, and contemporary experimentation. Each artist's unique flair and skillful improvisation were expertly woven into the fabric of the performance, resulting in an unforgettable evening of camaraderie and musical ingenuity.

Dana Gillespie & The Joachim Palden Trio's performance undoubtedly left an indelible mark on the Innsbruck music scene. Those lucky enough to have been part of this incredible night at the famous Innsbruck Piano Bar will surely cherish the memory, eagerly anticipating the next opportunity to experience the intoxicating magic of these world-class musicians in action.


In der warmen, einladenden Atmosphäre der berühmten Innsbrucker Piano Bar im Herzen von Innsbruck, Österreich, begeisterten Dana Gillespie & das Joachim Palden Trio am Abend des Dienstag, 4. April 2023, ein fasziniertes Publikum. Gemeinsam schufen sie eine lebendige Mischung aus Boogie-Woogie und Blues, die Eleganz, Zeitlosigkeit und seelenvolle Tiefe ausstrahlte und bei allen Anwesenden einen bleibenden Eindruck hinterließ.

Dana Gillespie, mit ihrer samtigen und sinnlichen Stimme, nahm die zentrale Position ein und beherrschte den Raum mit jeder Note. Ihre kraftvolle Präsenz und stimmliche Gewalt brachten eine nostalgische Atmosphäre, die an das goldene Zeitalter des Boogie-Woogie und Blues erinnerte. Gillespies verspielte, schelmische Interpretation von Julia Lee und ihren Boyfriends' klassischem Lied "My Man Stands Out" zeigte ihre Fähigkeit, den Geist des Originals zu kanalisieren und dabei unverwechselbar ihren eigenen Stempel aufzudrücken.

Das Joachim Palden Trio, bekannt für ihr nahtloses Zusammenspiel und ihre tadellose Musikalität, bot die perfekte Kulisse für Gillespies bezaubernde Performance. Joachim Palden selbst spielte meisterhaft den Steinway Boston und ließ diese ehrwürdigen Tasten mit der Inbrunst eines leidenschaftlichen Boogie-Woogie tanzen. Seine Finger tanzten anmutig über die Elfenbeine und hypnotisierten das Publikum mit fesselndem Rhythmus und Blues, der von dem geschätzten Instrument herabrieselte.

Paldens legendäre "linke Hand Gottes" schien eine übernatürliche Fähigkeit zu besitzen, das Wesen des Blues zu kanalisieren, indem sie pulsierende Basslinien webte, die als Herzschlag der Aufführung dienten. Die Synergie zwischen seiner kraftvollen linken Hand und dem schnellen, melodischen Tanz seiner rechten Hand schuf ein Erlebnis, das die Musik transzendierte und in den Bereich reiner Emotionen eintauchte.

Gastauftritte der außergewöhnlichen Martin Winning am Saxophon und der feurigen Sabine Pyrker am Schlagzeug hoben die Performance noch weiter hervor. Winnings fesselnde Soli und virtuose Technik ließen Schauer über den Rücken derjenigen laufen, die das Glück hatten, seine Meisterschaft zu erleben. Pyrkers rhythmisches Fingerspitzengefühl und ihre unermüdliche Leidenschaft für ihr Handwerk brachten eine ausgeprägte Dynamik in die Gruppe, während sie mühelos zwischen synkopierten Grooves und pulsierenden Beats navigierte, die das Publikum in ihren Bann zogen.

Zusammen schufen Dana Gillespie & das Joachim Palden Trio eine bezaubernde Klanglandschaft, die die Grenzen zwischen klassischem Boogie-Woogie, Blues und zeitgenössischer Experimentierfreude nahtlos verschmelzen ließ. Das einzigartige Flair und die geschickte Improvisation jedes Künstlers

The Piano Bar - Art, Music, Cafe, Bar & Restaurant 

Since its establishment in 1982, the Piano Bar has become a cultural landmark in the heart of Innsbruck's historic old town, serving as a gathering hub for artists, musicians, and enthusiasts alike. This trendy and intimate establishment transcends the typical dining experience, curating an ambience that is equal parts culinary haven and artistic sanctuary.

Under the passionate guidance of the Seiler-Wanner family, spanning three generations, the Piano Bar has thrived, thanks to a dedicated team that consistently delivers exemplary service. Together, they expertly indulge their patrons with a tantalizing array of hot, freshly prepared dishes, crisp salads, and a carefully curated selection of wines and other beverages, all served in a warm, inviting atmosphere.

The Piano Bar is not just a place to dine, but an artistic oasis amidst the charming cobblestone streets of Innsbruck. Every corner of this cosy locale is adorned with fascinating artwork that ignites the senses, making it an essential destination for art and music lovers alike. The remarkable calibre of food produced from such a modest kitchen space is nothing short of miraculous and serves as a testament to the Piano Bar's unwavering dedication to excellence.

Eager visitors should make a point to attend the Piano Bar's legendary old town concerts, held every Tuesday and Friday. These lively, intimate events showcase a diverse range of musical talent, further solidifying the Piano Bar's status as a cherished institution within Innsbruck's vibrant arts scene.

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Best Time to Visit for Music Lovers:

The most vibrant time for music events in Innsbruck is between May and September when the city comes alive with various festivals and concerts. However, year-round, Innsbruck offers a lively music scene with venues catering to diverse tastes.

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Innsbruck offers a wealth of musical experiences that cater to various tastes and genres. From renowned classical music events to contemporary live music venues, the city is sure to enchant music lovers of all backgrounds. To make the most of your visit, plan your trip during the warmer months and immerse yourself in Innsbruck's vibrant music scene.

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Innsbruck is best known for its unique blend of historical charm and stunning natural beauty. Nestled in the heart of the Austrian Alps, the city is renowned for several key attractions and activities:

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Innsbruck boasts a diverse music scene, offering a variety of venues to cater to different tastes and preferences. Some of the best music venues in Innsbruck include:

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