Globetrotting With Gillespie


Episode 42 with Piqued Jacks at The Outernet for Eurovision London Party.

Sieng Van Tran

Founder of The Temple of Art and Music

Marc Almond


Globetrotting With Gillespie is a captivating YouTube show produced and directed by the dynamic duo, Sieng Van Tran and Dana Gillespie. This engaging live chat series features intriguing conversations with fascinating individuals handpicked by Dana, who believes these guests will spark the curiosity of not only herself but also viewers around the globe.

Dana Gillespie's vibrant personality and knack for finding compelling people make each episode a unique and entertaining experience. With a mix of established figures and undiscovered gems, the show highlights diverse perspectives and stories, showcasing the rich tapestry of human experiences. Whether it's discussing career journeys, personal anecdotes, or just sharing a good laugh, Globetrotting With Gillespie connects its audience with extraordinary individuals, promoting inspiration, understanding, and a sense of unity. Don't miss out on this delightful ride around the world – tune in and explore the wonder of human connection.

Nick Mason

Pink Floyd

Sir Tim Rice

English Lyricist