Greetings, I am Kimmi Doan-Tran a 16 year old IB student studying Maths, Economics, Biology, Chemistry, English Lit and Spanish.  Today I present to you our Eth London Hackathon project, ECHO, born from the ETHLondon Hackathon and inspired by a profound love for music, the Temple of Art and Music initiated by my father, and my mentor Dana Gillespie, the 74-year-old British music cult legend who will be celebrating 60 years in music. ECHO aims to bridge the divide between musicians and their dedicated fans, tackling the financial challenges artists face.

In a digital realm where streams seldom translate to substantial earnings, ECHO ushers in a direct financial support channel via an NFT membership model, built on Tezos using SmartPy and seamlessly integrated with Beacon for wallet interactions. This model nurtures a close-knit community of 1008 elite fans, granting them exclusive access to content through Wormhole's end-to-end encryption, thereby enhancing the exclusivity and intimacy of artist-fan interactions.

The existing blockchain silos often hinder digital asset fluidity. However, ECHO, through cross-chain bridge functionality, overcomes this barrier, promoting liquidity and broadening the reach of our distinctive NFT memberships across multiple blockchain networks.

ECHO stands as a beacon of equality, enabling fans to earn NFT memberships not by financial might, but through the zeal of their support, promoting the essence of merit over monetary capability. Through ECHO, we envision a harmonized ecosystem where the rhythm of support resonates with the melody of creativity, embarking on a journey towards mutual appreciation and success in the music realm.

ECHO, a unique NFT marketplace on the Tezos blockchain, bridges the gap between musicians and devoted fans through a novel NFT membership model, developed using SmartPy and integrated with Beacon for seamless wallet interactions. Limited to 1008 members, ECHO ensures exclusivity and direct artist support. Wormhole's end-to-end encryption is employed to provide these super fans secure access to exclusive content, preventing leaks of unreleased materials. This setup enhances community engagement and artist support, nurturing a sustainable, harmonized ecosystem where the mutual appreciation between artists and fans resonates, embodying ECHO's ethos of creating a tight-knit community that echoes the melody of mutual success and appreciation. Here's an explanation of how it works.


Exclusive Wormhole Content For 1008 Superfans

Mission NFT 0007 KAI Johannes Vermeer

Mission NFT 0001 - KAI Van Gogh

Mission 12  NFT 0008 Kai Pierre-Auguste Renoir 

Mission NFT 0002 KAI Leonardo Da Vinci

Mission 15 NFT 0009 KAI Georges Seurat

Team Ech(0)

Kimmi Doan-Tran - 16 year old Math's Geek studying IB

Dana Gillespie - 74 Years old, 60 years in Music