Mark Wardel

Wardel's world of Art, Music & Pop Culture

Welcome to the world of Mark Wardel, an artist whose work has made a profound impact within the spheres of entertainment, music, and club industries. Known also by his pseudonym TradeMark, Wardel's art is instantly recognizable, drawing from a rich tapestry of influences such as traditional portraiture, post-punk graphics, New York street art of the 70s & 80s, Soviet-era propaganda posters, pop art, and high-fashion imagery.

Through his distinctive style, Wardel explores themes of identity, focusing on the self-created personae adopted by outsiders in mainstream society. His work, existing at the crossroads of entertainment, club, and urban subcultures, has graced the covers of magazines and records, as well as featured in prestigious club campaigns worldwide. His clientele includes the likes of David Bowie, Defected Records, V&A Museum, Daphne Guinness London, Soho House, Ministry Of Sound, Marc Almond, Kylie Minogue, Absolut Vodka, and Boy George.

Born in 1957 in Wallasey, Merseyside, Wardel is a London-based artist whose paintings have been showcased in galleries and museums across the globe, finding their place in the collections of media figures like David Bowie and Kanye West. He has honed his craft with studies in printmaking, freehand drawing, geometry, projection, and pictorial illustration, among others.

Mark Wardel is also a featured artist at the upcoming David Bowie World Fan Convention in 2024, where he will paint a wall mural based on Bowie's iconic Diamond Dogs album. This Merseyside-born artist, known for his unique masks — a set based on Bowie's face which was acquired by Bowie himself in 2015 — is ready to engage with fans and exhibit his impressive portfolio, including both Bowie and non-Bowie related work.