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Exclusive Invitation: Be Part of the First Spontaneous Night at The TAM!

Dear TAM Family and Friends,

I trust this message finds you in good spirits. It gives me immense pleasure to extend an invitation for an event that promises to be truly extraordinary - the inaugural Spontaneous Night at The TAM, this Saturday, 13th May.

In collaboration with Spontaneous Music Inc., we're igniting a #LiveMusicRevolution. We're championing the raw, unfiltered joy of live music, fueling spontaneity, and encouraging everyone to experience music in its most authentic form. To spearhead this musical revolution, we've invited the phenomenal Dana Gillespie to take the stage.

But this isn't just about us or the artists - it's about you, our family, our friends, the music lovers who feel every beat and resonate with every note. We want you to be part of this groundbreaking event.

Here's how you can join the revolution:

Dana Gillespie Ft. Todd Sharpville & The London Blues Band

Use the promo code: LiveMusicRevolution to get 100% off your ticket.

By using the LiveMusicRevolution promo code, you'll secure a free pass to this unforgettable evening of music and spontaneity. Sharing your favourite live music memory adds your voice to the #ALiveMusicRevolution, celebrating the transformative power of live music.

We can't wait to see you at Spontaneous Night, where together, we'll create new memories and shape the future of live music.

So, save the date for Saturday, 13th May, and let's "Free the Music" together!

Looking forward to seeing you there,