Swingin Out!

Step into a world of rhythm and blues at The Tam with the captivating Dino Baptiste, who’s been keeping a secret bottled inside, and is now ready to light up the night with his boogie woogie magic. As Dino breaks down the door to a spectacular evening, you'll find yourself tapping along to his beat, because he’s got to shout it out – the stage is set for a show-stopping night where every note counts and every rhythm feels like a revelation.

Dino, a London-born maestro, comes from a lineage of musical greatness and carries a legacy that’s as vibrant as his performances. With a story told through blues, funk, and the rolling keys of boogie woogie, he’s breaking all the rules here’s the remedy. Join us for this exclusive event where Dino doesn’t just play music; he lives it, breathes it, and shares it in an explosion of colors and sounds.

Event Details:


Dress to impress and be ready to swing out with every chord and chorus. This night isn’t just about witnessing a performance; it’s about being part of the musical journey. Now I’m out on the scene, I’m swinging out baby, just you wait and see.