Susana Silva

Susana Silva

Get ready to be blown away by the enchanting performances of Susana Silva, a Portuguese singer-songwriter whose one-of-a-kind style and powerful voice will leave you amazed. With influences from jazz, blues, and soul, Susana brings her own unique twist to her performances, making them captivating and unforgettable. But her music is more than just the sound; it's a reflection of her heart and soul, as she speaks Words of Power and spreads love and understanding wherever she goes.

Despite facing numerous challenges, including homelessness, Susana never gave up on her dreams. She firmly believes that with Words + Willingness, anyone can create magic. And through her singing, playing, and talking, she shares blessings, music, and happiness with her audience.

If you're searching for an authentic and inspiring experience, don't miss the chance to see Susana Silva live. She's the kind of singer who gives you goosebumps and makes your hair stand on end – a true talent that you won't want to miss. As Susana always says, "Be Original, Be True, Be Different... BE YOU."

Susana's music cannot be defined by a single genre, as she offers a unique style that combines powerful blues, jazz, soul, and funk elements. Influenced by iconic artists such as Etta James, Alanis Morisette, and Stevie Wonder, Susana has built a fan base and become a recognized name in the music scene. Check out her featured songs and videos, and join her community of fans to stay updated on her latest releases and performances.


May 12

Susana Silva: Spreading Smiles Through Music

Temple of Art and Music Smithfield (TAM) 55 Charterhouse Street London EC1M 6PR

May 4

Susana Silva: Spreading Smiles Through Music


Tam Vineyard & Jazz Club MMy Wood Wharf 6 George Street London E14 9QG