Great British Blues Jam

May 13th 2023  from 7pm - 12.30am

Dana Gillespie: A Life in Music - An Evening of Memories, Stories, and Songs with The London Blues Band post SXSW

May 13th 2023  from 7pm - 12.30am

About this event

Show Format: Live Show / Multimedia Event / After Party

Duration: 3 hours (with a 20-minute intermission), followed by the After Party

Venue: Temple of Art and Music Elephant and Castle

Show Summary:

"Dana Gillespie: A Life in Music" is an engaging and immersive live show that invites audiences to celebrate Dana Gillespie's remarkable 60-year career in the music industry. Divided into four distinct parts, the event will feature a conversation about her journey, a presentation inspired by her autobiography, two sets of live music performances, and a themed after party featuring an exclusive remix of Dana's "Mothership." This unique show format offers fans a chance to delve into Gillespie's fascinating life and enjoy her timeless music in an intimate setting that Dana helped to create.

Part 1: Conversation - The Journey of a Lifetime (30 minutes)

The show will begin with an onstage conversation between Dana Gillespie and the founder of the Temple of Art and Music. Dana will discuss her incredible journey, from her early days as a pop and folk singer to her successful transition into blues music and her iconic role as Mary Magdalene in the original London production of Jesus Christ Superstar. An important highlight of the conversation will be her recent debut at the renowned SXSW festival at the age of 73, showcasing her passion for music and her ability to continue inspiring audiences. Additionally, the conversation will touch upon Dana's innovative approach to music distribution, as she recently released her first NFT record, embracing the cutting-edge technology that is reshaping the industry. This candid discussion will allow the audience to learn more about the experiences and moments that have shaped Dana's career, as well as the challenges and successes she has encountered along the way.

Part 2: Presentation - Stories from the Memoirs "Weren't Born A Man" (30 minutes)

In the second segment, Dana will present a multimedia slideshow inspired by her autobiography "Weren't Born A Man," featuring photographs, memorabilia, and video clips from her storied career. She will share personal anecdotes, recounting her experiences working with legendary musicians like David Bowie, as well as her memories from various film and stage productions. This captivating presentation will offer fans a rare glimpse into the life of a true musical legend and provide a deeper understanding of Dana Gillespie's indelible impact on the world of music and theater.

Part 3: Live Music - The Timeless Tunes of Dana Gillespie (Two 45-minute sets)

After the intermission, Dana Gillespie will take center stage for two sets of live music, showcasing her extraordinary vocal talents and the timeless songs that have defined her career, as well as new songs featured on her latest album, "73: Live at the Tam." The first set will focus on her showcase set from her SXSW debut, while the second set will highlight her blues material and memorable songs such as her No.1 hit "Move Your Body Close To Me," and the spiritual "Om Shakti," which she played in front of one million people. Fans will be treated to an unforgettable evening of music as they journey through Dana's diverse and impressive repertoire, celebrating her 60 years in the music industry.

In Conclusion:

"Dana Gillespie: A Life in Music" promises to be an unforgettable experience for fans, offering a unique opportunity to explore the life and career of this legendary performer. By combining intimate conversations, multimedia presentations, live musical performances, and a themed after party in a setting help designed by Dana herself, this special event will pay tribute to Dana Gillespie's incredible journey and ensure her timeless music continues to inspire and captivate audiences.

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